Dusk Raiders Space Marine Chaplain

It's taken me over a year to get him from built and a base made to getting him varnished but finally my Dusk Raiders Chaplain from the Betrayal at Calth box set is finished.

"What's a Dusk Raider?" some people may ask - well, a Dusk Raider is a pre-Primarch Death Guard marine, which are described in Flight of the Eisenstein as having "off white" armour, which I've interpreted to be an ivory/cream tone (deck tan to the rescue!). I also usually go with a red arm/fist in a Crimson Fists style to break it up a bit but for the Chaplain I decided I was going to change things up.

Anyone who knows Space Marines knows that Librarians are usually blue, Techmarines are usually red and Chaplains are black. I didn't really fancy painting him black with all that trim so instead I painted the arm I would paint a standard marine red in black, showing him as a Chaplain (along with the rather hefty weapon!), allowing me to keep the cream colour for the majority of him. The gold trim (and weapon) was painted up initially from a base of Darkstar Blackened Bronze, followed by a liberal dose of Vallejo Sepia wash which brings it from a bronze to a really nice rich gold. Highlights followed from Scale Colour's Elven Gold and Citrine Alchemy.

Instead of abandoning the red, I moved it to the cloak to keep it as the accent on the model. I started of with GW's Khorne Red before shading with Stegadon Scale Green and adding highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet. The varnish on it frosted slightly which was a shame, but I've gone over the worst areas again without too much damage (though some of the highlights are a bit less blended in now!)

Once the main colours were plugged in, it was just a case of grabbing ones that wouldn't look hideous for the other stuff - I had Genestealer Purple on my desk as I hadn't gotten around to putting it away after it arrived so I used that on the plasma coil and added green grenades and eyes. The base was made from greenstuff using my Imperial Basius basing mold.

I plan on painting up a few more Dusk Raiders - I already have a few finished but thanks to Betreyal at Calth and Prospero, my small side project marine army has somehow morphed into a 3.5k point monster with detatchments of Custodes and Sisters of Silence. There might even be a FW Contemptor in the mix somewhere ;)


  1. Wow, that is quite good! That cream color is excellent.

    Although shouldn't the legion number be featured prominently? I thought that was how they rolled in ye olden days prior to the primarchs.

    1. Thanks! Deck Tan has become one of my favourite shades to use this year, along with Stegadon Scale Green.

      There probably should be some form of Legion marking though I'm not 100% sure where it would fit on him. Most of my heresy knowledge is from reading the first 30 something HH novels and I haven't really delved any further into the actual colour scheme/markings side of things.

      That said, I haven't painted any chapter symbols or squad insignia on any other marines I've painted previously either!