By Crom! A Conan King Pledge Unboxing

This week, a year after the expected shipping window, Monolith delivered their Conan board game Kickstarter. I'm not really a board game person - the only other one that I have backed and received so far is Loka, River Horse's 4 way elemental chess game - so the sheer scale of the content is a little overwhelming. Still, that won't stop me taking pictures of everything!

King pledge - Main box, Stretch Goal box with little add-on boxes to the left.

I was initially a little concerned when it arrived, as it appeared to have been ripped open after being drowned somewhere between France and my house.

I was able to peel away individual layers of the cardboard box thanks to the moisture level.

What follows is now an attempt to see how far I can stretch Blogger's photo limits. It'll also mostly be pictures. I'm not likely to get a game of Conan soon, having played one game of anything this calendar year, so can't really review much in the way of rules and cards. What I can say is that there are a lot of concerns regarding these and the translations made from French to English, which can be found in the Board Game Geek forum, here.

The main box - Cassius for scale - it's huge!

The rules - one for the bad guy, one for the heroes.

Hero cards, used by the players.


Item cards and the dice requried.

Giant Snake

Thog - it's a monster alright.

King Conan's Lion, one of the less detailed minis

Bad guy cards and tokens

More important stuff

the game boards - 2 double sided boards - 4 maps

The Core minis. Good guys in white, bad guys in grey

The Book of Skelos, the Overlord's tray


The man himself - Conan

The white plastic on the heroes doesn't help the detail, but on most figures, it is there.
King Conan





Lots of the female minis have softer facial features which really don't come out well on the light plastic.


Perhaps thanks to how they are packed, some models have qutie a forward slant on them.


Zelata's Wolf


Khosatral Khel


Zogar Sag

Outer Dark Demon


Dark Demon


Hyena - 5 in the box

Bossonian Guard - 15 in the box

Belit's Guard - 5 in the box

Pirates - 15 in the box

Mummy - 10 in the box

Pict Hunter - 15 in the box

Skeleton - 15 in the box

Bossonian Archer - 5 in the box

And thus ends the core box. Onto the stretch goal box!

Scenario booklets - One French, One English

Character cards for the new playable characters

A Map!

Dice Bag

Additional Dice, spell cards and artifact cards (double the cards as in both languages)
Thaug (giant water monster)

More cards

A third double sided map

The rest of the miniatures

Another Conan


Warlord Conan

Conan the Wanderer


Conan the General



Kothian Archer

Savage Belit

Kerim Shah

Balthus & Slasher (below) - Robert E Howard tribute minis


A Mythic Battles Promo Spartan - Mythic Battles is Monolith's next KS

The Trusty Camel



Kyperborean Primitive






Giant Scorpian

Giant Spider


Swamp Demon

Bone Golem

Forest Demon

A shot for scale - the monsters are larger than Conan, so tower over most other characters


Torch Stands



Tables, Stools and Benches

Piles of skulls - always handy

Tentacles - 10 in the box

More guards - 5 to be exact

Pict Archers - 5 in the box

Pict Warriors - 5 in the box

Pirates - 5 in the box

Mummies - 5 of this design.

5 more Skeletons

And another 5 like this.

The last 5 Mummies look like this.

If you're still here, congratulations. That's the end of the King pledge - pretty hefty! Lots of the minis have a large amount of detail and others will hopefully look better with some primer and paint on them.

The journey isn't over yet, for the add-ons are to come below!

I'm a sucker for Dragons.

The dragon comes with an Overlord tile in both languages.

The dragon's price on the KS was $33 with a retail of $40, which indicated he might be a little bigger than he actually is.

Cassius for scale again, so he's roughly a space marine tall. Not particularly large, but that's the risk with Kickstarter.
Vanir Valkyrie

Overlord tiles and hero cards allow for dual use.

Possibly the most disappointing mini of the lot, particularly as she was an add-on so extra was paid for her.

Even focused in, it's hard to make out any detail on her face

That textured fur cloak on the box art appears to have lost all its texture - the occasional downside of digital sculpting.
Lovely artwork on all three of the guest boxes

Conan and Belit, complete with extra equipment cards and hero cards
Conan the Thief

Belit - more soft details that are hard to make out

King Conan and Belit the Princess

The only male mini I noticed that was slightly harder to get the camera focused on face wise

No more Conans in the Paolo Parente box - Salome and Valeria

There is also a hero card for Taramis, who uses Salome's model



It took me a while to work out what was on her face - it's the chain shown in the artwork on her card.

Phew! That's a lot of photos taken and edited. Overall I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the majority of the miniatures - a select few are lacking in detail in places or need weapons straightened but on the whole I'm happy with the investment.

Now I just need to get all two hundred and something miniatures added to my inventory list and find somewhere to put the boxes as my cupboard is full!


  1. Thanks for alle the pictures! I'm awaiting my pledge any time now, so this was most welcome. I can't wait to get some primer on those character models to get at real feel of the details (or lack thereof if we are unlucky).

    1. No problem! I enjoy doing unboxings, it gives the collector side of me the chance to show off ;)