New Year, New me!

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I know, its the biggest cliche going, but we all like to sit down and try to plan what we would like to have done by this time next year. I also have something this I would like to focus on and try to do as well as something big that will be happening soon. 

So come have a look what I plan to do and have done.

So lets see what I started with in the new year!

Now I am sure that at some point most peoples hobby spaces get like this for some reason or the other and trying to work while it is in this state is hard and sometimes impossible so time to clean up!

So with my workspace sorted, now to think about what I want to do with it.


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I don't think I need to tell anyone that Our hobby is a very, very expensive one and over time you can spend a fortune on it! (I would like to note that if you are new to the hobby and would like to start that this statement should not put you off as with most things its only as expensive as you want to make it and if you look around cheaper things can be found) But if I look over the amount I have spent over the years it will add up to a lot I wont try and put a figure to it but I am sure you all might be able to shock yourself when you add up your own.

So what am I going to do.

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Now I am not going to try to make money from the blog and I am not going to start a patreon. What I plan to do is enjoy what I do and sell some things on ebay after I have painted them to try and make the hobby pay for itself. 

As you can see I have more than enough models and kits to build so I should not need to buy anything and also I would never be able to store any of this. So I might as well have fun painting it and then try and find it a home.

Also, this year I plan to try to fix an issue I have been having over that last few years.

Painting self doubt.

Ie taking a month to paint a single 28mm figure because I question myself and think about this and that. Rather than doing it right the first time and being happy with what I have done. becuase I am at the point when I know that I can do it just need to do it the first time!

So along with busts this year I will be painting war gaming stuff to a level that is am not sure what I will call it but it's a level between display and tabletop. And its not pro that is for sure HATE that word.

Let me finish off by saying Happy New Year and hope you all had a good Christmas.

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  1. It is a good move. I currently do that. You need to be patient and wait for the meta to come around. My old Dark Vengeance set eventually went for $360CAD once the new DA codex dropped. Also don't do bids, set a fixed price and wait. It can be a self sustaining hobby. i use my paypal funds to fund more hobby and won't buy new stuff if I am out of funds if i have a surplus I often donate to charity so the tax man can't touch me either :P Also gaming stuff goes quicker than display stuff. So put it on a gaming base if you want it to move, i learned that working with the nova charities ;)

    Hope that helps, all the best!!!