Scale model World 2017.

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This has been late but here is the pics from this years Ipms Scale model world.

The event, in its self was long but well worth it met a lot of new people and caught up with some people and done some work on something that I will be talking about next year.

So on with what was on the tables to see.

First, we had a german ww2 plane 

And a ww2 German seaplane.

Here we have a little diorama from world war 2 and the red cross. 

Go back 30 years to World war one and we have a battle scene.

Again with world war one and we have a little model showing the idea of the Christmas truce. 

An idea of how big the hall was.

An idea of how big the hall was.

The moon landing.

A world war 2 diorama. 

Fighter Jet (not sure what one)

Vespa always had a huge fondness of these!

Star wars star destroyer.

Hovercraft in full swing.


A table of cars.

more cars

And again cars.

A German seaplane on a what look likes catapult.

Who does not like a Pink panther.

Fighter jet.

Vietnam battle Evac.

A building battle scene.

Landing Ship.

World war one planes.

Not sure the name of the building I can remember  seeing it but I do love it!!!!

A lovely wood scenic.

Plan bombing the road.

Hell boy

World War one tank

This little model is amazing and when i just looked at the pic I thought how did I take a pic of a table at that angle.

72 scale world war 2 battle.

Military Bulldozer.

This was something that was cool a club holds the world record for most people making a plan.

Not sure if this was a model did not asked, but it's a very nice bonsai 

A world war one memorial.

A rocket.

And finaly three busts.

Overall this was another greate weekend and I do look forward to next year.

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