Hello all and welcome. I am notsoslimshady, and I'm primarily a war-gamer and as you other war-gamers may know we have more luck if our minis are painted, well my luck sucks so I need to make sure that the odds are forever in my favor so I try my best to paint my minis, as well as juggling family time and my gaming schedule. Unlike Merkeysa I can say that i have entered a painting comp and WON by default. I must note that I was the only entry for that category and that comp was a mere local GW comp so not really much of a sense of achievement :-(. My future plans for this blog includes some reviews and unboxing's of sum of the recent kickstarters that I have pledged for as well as my adventures as I learn the rules and get to grips with the way the games play. Also in the new year I'm planning to get my self an air brush and I will be documenting my experiences, opinions, trials and tribulations.

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