Not the first time.

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Happened to me tonight but I am sure it will happen again.

Every one who is anyone has droped paint or knocked over water or even droped their miniature and chiped off some paint if you havent then you are realy carefull or I am just glumsey but what I am talking to you about right now is injurys wile doing our hobby.

There are a few things we are able to hurt ourselfs with in this hobby and here are a few of them 

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Not mine but I am sure we all use these.

And tonight I ended up like this.

This is how I fixed my self with some kitchen roll and masking tape that I had around my desk.

all thanks to

 This is the second time that I have used this blade I normaly use the 10a blade this is a 10 blade.

and as I cut a finger that I need to paint I thought I would ask you all have you ever done this or done worse and if so what. Thought I would ask this wile my finger heals for more work.

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