A story and a review.

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With all things in life there is always a story.

And this one is short and sweet, but I will try and drag it out lol. So this all started awhile back while painting in Liverpool with our usual group "Liverpool painters" anyway Paul "PeeDee" as he is known on planet figure started ranting about something, which was about paint and more importantly the color red and how no brand does a real red ie they are all yellow red or orange red no real as he liked to say Ketchup red 

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So you all might be thinking, well there is this one or that one well he would not have it and for over two years has been looking for a "real red" and at some shows we have looked for the holy grail of reds and at the Huddersfeild show we thought we found one with one of the scales75 reds and he bought it and when we all meet up to paint on the Sunday he opened it and said nope!

So I did have a plan to have some fun with him and I added some Ketchup to a paint bottle and planned to give to him and see if he figured it out I was hoping that he would not be until he used it on a model, I know that may sound bad but you have not met him if you have you would understand lol. But I forgot twice to take it when I would be seeing him and on the second time something happened.

 The last show that I went to was the Cosford one with my dad and Paul was there with the Bulldogs as normal, while I was there and at all shows since he first mentioned it, I have always kept an eye out for the reds to find the one that would take its place.

That's when something happened I found something I had never seen before (I am sure you can figure it out, but I am keeping like this for dramatic effect) And heading straight over to Paul and interrupting a conversation he was having with someone told him the news. We headed back to what I had found and he looked it over and in the process opened it and declared it a winner. (Not sure if it was or if he said that because he opened it.)

And because I was the person who found it and I was feeling pleased with myself, I got one as well and this is where the review comes in.

 This paint I have never heard of before and was happy to give it ago like most people in the hobby when something new is out having to give it a shot.

So this is Mission Models Paint never heard of it before and have to say is a bit pricey at £5-£6 but then again, you get a lot more than you would with other brands.

The bottle does not have an amount on it so I will have to show you a comparison picture with other paints.

 As you can see there is a fair bit more than what you would normally get. Also, after looking into the brand discovering these are made for Airbrushing also the pic on the bottle also gives this away.

So now down to what it looks like.

These were done on card and not plastic 

What I do love about this is the fact it drys Matte and I am a Huge fan of all things Matte. I have not been able to use this on a model, but as soon as I do I will mention using it. 

This is the end of my story and short review I hope this has been a little helpful, if not only to tell you there is a different brand of paint. And with any luck Paul might comment his side of the story.

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