Happy Monk Pt 1

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I know that there has been a slump in my painting due to illness and family visit, but I am back with a brush in hand and this project I can tell you now has had a lot of brick walls and head hitting moments.

The Monk is the Happy Monk from at the time Painting Buddha that is now sadly gone, but if you are interested in getting a copy you are able to get it through Ben Komets site when he gets a reshock.

This is how it came and again, I HATE metal figures and I have a few but will not be buying them again!!!

After some work on mold lines and filling.

Primed and ready to go.

This is the point when things went Wrong and I mean Doomed from the start kind of wrong this point has been 3 weeks in the making and that is because 1. The week of Cosford my dad was down so no painting and 2. I painted it and was happy then it was pointed out to me, I missed some mold lines that I missed because it is metal and when it is shinny and so on its hard to see it all. So had to strip and redo. 3. I have a sticking cold that has been with me for a week and I don't think it is letting up. So I had to do and redo two times and fight the will to concentrate while I want to be in bed.

So what I am showing you now is the model from the lucky go number three.

Based the orange with my airbrush and used it to sort out the highlight with my airbrush as well to add to the overall effect I am looking for.

From there I began to work the highlights into the midtone as well as extend it.

Added some flesh base tone which is amber gold. As well as glazing red into the shadow.

Finished off the pot in one evening apart from adding more light to the cork.

Here is how it looks at the moment, lots more to do, but my motivation is coming back for it and the base will be something that I would not have even dreamed of doing. 

So please do comment below and tell me that I am not going crazy and it has been worth it lol.

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