Happy Monk Pt 8.

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I have to admit the last week has been very busy and time for painting or posting has been hard, but I am fighting back and getting back to the brush and progress is happening.

Working on the base there were some gaps that needed filling on the waves and the edge of the base.

And with some help from John it was able to get done faster than if I was doing it myself, as it took 4 pours and I am unable to get over to the studio more than once a week at the moment so that would of been four weeks. 

When it was all over and ready to look at there seemed to have been an issue in the process as there was a white line running through one side.

Might have been a reaction to the epoxy glue or water, but that need to be drilled and filled.

There was two fills I done on this the first was Ink mixed into heavy gel medium.

This worked, but there were a lot of bubbles in the mix when it set and it looked off so I picked that out and used resin again to fill it.

So from there went to work on the foam of the waves I wanted it to be white, but also make a transparent white effect using heavy gel medium and building it onto the wave.

This is something I am not too sure about, but I went at it like I did with water and the green as it seemed to work.

So I worked out the consistency of the paint and also trying to remember that the gel with also dilute it as well.

From there appiled it to the waves in a hope it will all go well.

So all that I had to do was wait for it to dry and hope it all worked out well.

It did not dry well! I am not sure why or if it had something to do with the way it acts with paint rather than ink, but as time goes on the need to get something done over powers the need get it like the picture we all have in our eyes.

So I had a good day of picking it all off. And went back to my original plan of good on plain paint it.

From here I went on a roll of getting things done. 

Filed out and placed the part of the boat I then filled the edges with the more ink gel to fill any holes.

I also Glossed varnished the water and boat parts to make it look like water

from there the main boat. Also filled a little corner. Added some varnish to the boat.

And from there cleaned up the base sanding and painting to make it look proper again.

That is where we are at the moment the end is looking near. just need to work out what more is needed on the base and also then work on the monk his skin next.

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