Project Fishermen: Part 1

I picked up a few bits for the Fisherman Guild (Guildball) at Salute last weekend, and the paint is going on very easily! Let's take a look..

As I mentioned in my last entry, I wanted to keep the bases for these guys pretty simple, to that end a rapid job was in order:

Messy basing is the best kind of basing... right?

After that I went ahead and started some painting, I wanted to stick to the stock colour scheme for the guild and try and tread the line between a rapid paint job and a decent standard, in the end i'm really happy with what I achieved. Very quickly (5 hrs?) I had the first 3 models painted, that is the ball token, mascot and my first player..

Such an Angry Otter!

I feel like I'm really in a good painting groove lately, able to get decent quality paint jobs done in very little time, perhaps all that Troll speed painting really helped!

Join me again next week to hopefully see more progress!


  1. 5 hours? You're a machine!

    Great stuff :)

  2. 5 hours? I'd still be researching fishing nets :D Great paint jobs for such little time.

  3. haha thanks guys! :) Don't worry I've slowed down a bit this week, I think part of it is that I've been painting smaller models.