Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero Pt 1

I picked this up November last year at the scale model show. and thought it was time to get it out of the to do pile and add it to the small but growing done list.

I did not think this was worth a review at the time not because it is bad if anything it is almost perfect but there is not much you could say about it that would justify a hole artical.

This week we are talking face. and something I did not know at the time.

So I started out woth a green base.

from the base worked the blocking of the highlights.

then the Shadows.

It was at this point I had to put on my thinking cap about how I wanted the skin to look because the Green was very green and very dark and the high lights were very Yellow and did not sit right with me. but it have been sorted out and ill share it will you when we come to it.

So wile I was trying to work out the Skin I moved on to the hair and bread I went with a redis brown with a orange brown highlight 

So with the Skin I was told that to make a green more lighter and natureal to add a khaki to the green makes it lighter and not as intence 

Also I have found these are great to add to Skin tones to make them more natural as well but that is a diffrent thing all together.

Next Week ill show you all results of adding the Khaki and also working on the leather.

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  1. If you're wanting to keep the dark shading on him, throw some red and purple into the green - adds a lot more depth than just adding a darker green does.