Q and A with Javier Gonzalez

We are very happy to bring you a Q and A with Javier Gonzelez from Arsies Studio.

About yourself?

My Name is Javier Gonzalez. I was born in Gijon, Spain in 1980. Currently residing in Ubrique in the province of Cadiz

How long have you been painting and what made you get into the hobby?

Mmm, it was so discontinued so let me remind:
I started first time with enamels, tanks and 15mm Napoleonics, I was around 8, so that's around 25 years ago, but It was a very showt period. When I restarted I was 14 to play Warhammer 40k, but it was more or less a couple of years only because none of my friends liked the game. I come back again after Lord of the Rings movie with the board game from games workshop and until now, so in fact the only one time that counts is the last one, so I think I'm in the hobby for 10 years, 6 of them as a professional painter.

Have you ever won any comps? 

Mmm if you mean contest yeah, you can see my awards on my webpage, and there are a lot of them, but I think the best thing I won was a couple of friends.

What brushes do you use?

Windsor & Newton series 7 numbers 0,1 & 2, from the NON miniature series (the larger ones)

What are the three things at your workstation, you could not live without?

Napkins, airbrush and obviously, brushes XD; if we go a bit deeper, I need a movie or a series chapter to make me some company.

Is there anything you know now that you wish someone told you at the start?

Yeah, keep this a hobby and enjoy everything you do, you don't need to go deeper, The ocean is nice until you dig deep

What is the last Modal you finished painting for your own collection?

pfff it was so many time that i almost can't remember.

Would you choose True Metallics or NMM?

The mini tolds me if I can choose, if not, the customers decides. usually each mini has it's own style, so there is a different choice for each model

What is your favorite scale to paint in?

54-70 mm

Do you use an airbrush and if so, what for?

Sure I use, for almost everything, including 30mm. it's usually faster than a normal shading even if you need to correct a bit at the end. You can't believe how far you can get with an airbrush until you see.

Do you suffer paintbrush envy meaning is their a painter out there who you wish you could paint as well as?

Nope, i can copy almost everything I can see, but I wish to have other painter's imagination to create some things from the air.

What do you feel you need to improve and why?

I wish to have time enough to improve my sculpting skills, so i can create my own complete miniatures.

Do you or have you ever felt like a Noob with Just his paint brush?

Obviously yes, we all started at one point from zero. In the last Monte San Savino contest was a funny categorie called "my first minaiture". i hadn't room in my case to carry mine, but It was funny to search it and see how incredible bad was :)

Work By Javier.

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