Star Vixen from Kabuki Models - Lady Storm Trooper Unboxing

Earlier this year, Kabuki Models (Now Kabuki Studios) released the Star Vixen as the first model in their new Cal 75 Range. Being a rather big Star Wars fan that has so far missed out on every Knight Models Star Wars piece that has popped up on ebay at a reasonable price, she was an insta-buy.

I managed to get in on the second wave of pre-orders. Each wave of 100 came at a slight discount and had a different piece of A4 Artwork.

As you can see, she's a resin miniature, and while 75mm is big for a miniature, it's tiny compared to the awesome artwork print that came with it.

Not everyone will be a fan of the model. It's a Pin Up in a very Pin Up pose - bum back, boobs forward and flippy back hair, freshly removed helmet in her hands. That same thing that won't appeal to some people will instantly appeal others, that's the nature of this genre of model. 

The torso and legs come in one piece, meaning that you get a stable open stance to work from when building her. There are also clear peg slots for the arms and ball sockets for the wrists, that are attached to the helmet. This should allow for multi part painting prior to assembly, as the pose of having her helmet in front of her chest will block quite a lot of access.

Another thing that I like about the model - a lot of people struggle with painting eyes, so this model removes that problem - she has her eyes closed after taking her helmet off.

Her E11 Blaster comes in three parts - the main blaster, top scope and a sling to go over her shoulder. 

As far as casting goes, it's of a high quality that I have come to expect from larger models from Kabuki - almost no mold lines at all. 

She doesn't come with a base, but my plan is to use a rolling pin I picked up recently from Green Stuff World to create a texture on a plinth. 

The texturing is a little large on a 30mm base, but moving up the scales, it should create a base that wouldn't look out of place on an Imperial ship while not detracting and distracting from the miniature.

If you fancy picking up a Star Vixen for yourself, you can find her for 45 Euros in the Kabuki Models Store



  2. What! How did you just spend that money I had in my wallet! IT WAS FOR FOOD!