Stage by Stage Guide to... painting Deathwatch (Left Arm)

Bit of a long winded title this week! I wanted to focus on painting the left arm and shoulder pad on the new Games Workshop Deathwatch Space Marines. I will try to keep it nice and quick and simple. Since this is a GW model, I will use all GW paints.

The Palette.This Stage-by-Stage guide will use a limited palette of four colours.

The model was primed with Games Workshop Chaos Black Primer. I gave the entire model a coat of Nuln Oil to darken it slightly and to hide any areas the spray didn't quite catch. This was something I adopted years ago when it was called Black Ink. It really makes the black stand out. You could use the Gloss, if that's your thing.

Stage-by-Stage Guide.

Stage 1: Paint the entire left arm including shoulder pad with Leadbelcher.

Stage 2: Highlight the arm and shoulder pad with Ironbreaker.

Stage 3: Apply a 50/50 mix of Soulstone Blue / Water. The reason for this is that the technical paint is really dark when used neat, and I wanted to give the impression of a blue hue to the metal.

Stage 4: Pick out the raised areas with Runefang Steel.

It's really that simple, and a great way to paint a full unit in next to no time.

Painting Black.
There are many ways to highlight black. For me, it's a case of using Dark Reaper on the edges, but I will do another Stage-by-Stage Guide to painting black in the coming weeks, with a study on the different varieties of black highlighting.

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  1. Nice look! Are you going to be painting many deathwatch models? Did you buy the boxed game?

  2. I bought both Deathwatch Overkill, and the 40K Core game. I'll paint these up over time to add to my Blood Angel Army.