The Egg Cup Challenge 2016!

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Last year for the Eggcup Challenge I made the Minion in a hot tub. This year we have a new item to build an idea around and that was a shot glass. 

So this is what I had to work with and had to come up with something to turn this into.

I did have the Idea of making it into an R4 

I know this would be an amazing thing to do, but this project I did not want it to take too much of my time. So I went for a easier thing to do.

So I went for a tree stump!!! I know what you are thinking OMG that is the most creative idea ever.

So to start off with I removed the lip of the glass.

Then, with muliput cleaned up the top and added some branches as well.

Primed and ready to turn what you might be thinking looks like the worse tree you have ever seen into something that is rather good.

Then a base coat in brown. 

Now here is where we get to the best part and I have to give thanks to Mike (you know who you are) who gave me the idea to use for this for this which is to use GW technical paint Agrellan Earth 

The drying process taking place.

Then after it has dried, paint over it to make it less dirt and more bark

So that it where my part of this ended and I thought this would do, but just like last year with the minion and I thought this would do, my Wife decided that I should do better and do more.

Here is a sneak peak at my Wife's work on what I should of done.

More About all the work my Wife did and also the finished results next week and just like last year this has been so much fun!

All comments welcome.

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