Thornley & Ratch Pt 2

This week work on the body and head. 

Ok with the base coats on the waste coat and shirt I decided to keep it close to the box art with blue coat and white shirt.

With the coat I decided to use the same stabbing that I used on the hat to give it a nice old worn look that you would think when thinking about pirates. Then glasses it back with the midtone

With the Shirt I used all most every color other than white.

To start with I used Khaki highlight to add gray and green to make it off white and to start making it look more off white dirty and warn.

Then I glazed Yellow Ink into the highlight and areas too for a sort of sand stain and sun effect.

Also glazed khaki tarrain and shadow into the deepest shadow.

Then to finish it off I glazed Purple ink into the shadow to add more interest and contrast with the yellow in the highlight then Finished it all off with Pure white extreme highlight.

With the bandana I went for a magenta to try and warm it while still keeping a little cool with a red/purple.

Then it was onto the face.

Something that I find useful white painting faces is to first paint it all a sandy color and to add your highlights and shadows to this wile not minding about the flesh color its a lot easier to work on the contrast while you don't care about keeping looking like flesh. And when you have everything set with your contrast and want to make it more flesh glaze it with a very thinned down red Ink or red paint use it very thinned down because you are then able to slowly bring the color back to the face always best to use lots of very thinned glazes than to use one or two to many and ruin it all. 

To this

From there went to work on the beard I decided to go with black as been doing a lot of brown hair and wanted a change. 

Come back Next week to see the finished thing and as always comments are always welcome.

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