On The Desk - Pumpkin Pirate Part 4 - A bag, a bottle and a pipe

With the candle done (check out the last article here) it's time to turn my attention to the other knick-knacks that our pirate pumpkin has in his hat rim. A bottle and sack. 

This was pretty quick and easy really, the bottle I adjusted the contrast I had from the prime adding some white highlights where the light would hit the bottle. Then I used S75 Inktense Green with a little Inktense Blue to add the colour, it has a slightly shiny finish which is perfect. I used a little Inktense black mixed with the base mix to darken the depths of the bottle. The cork itself was painted with a dark brown colour, stippled to try and create the cork texture.

The bag again I used the contrast from the prime but this time used Vallejo smoke again to give it a rough brown colour. After that I turned my attention to the highlights, specifically from the moonlight. I used light blue in the highlights (much the same as I did the back of the head, GW The Fang, Alaitoc Blue and white)

I also started continuing the moonlight onto the hat, this was a mildly terrifying process. I carefully used a lot of thin glazes of the blues onto areas that the light would hit (mostly the rim but also the area where the hat bulges out around his head) Doing this made me realise that the highlight I'd done on the head was far too intense and I need to tone that down to match at some point.

The pipe! I also continued on my generally downwards workflow by putting some colour on the pipe. I painted the pipe as rosewood with a black stem, sharp highlights on the stem to show it's shiny. The rosewood was painted with Sanguine base from P3, I created the gentle woodgrain effect by painting fine lines with different tones. The side away from the light source was taken into shadow with blues and a little black. 

I decided I didn't want the pipe to be blazing away (god forbid the last thing I need is another light source!) so I went for smouldering embers. Dots of different colours from reds through to yellows. Was hard to get a good photo of this but hopefully it'll do.

 Progress is happening. Next week I'm going to keep moving down looking at the shirt and strap. As always feedback is welcome!

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