Tabletop Cygnar

This week I've been trying to finish off the last few unpainted models I had in my Cygnar army..

You may noticed my posts have become a little sporadic of late, partly this is real life getting in the way, partly maybe a winter hibernation? Who knows!

But just lately I've started to get a little bit excited about gaming again, specifically with Warmachine/Hordes. More on that in my next post, I've got a new project on that front.

Meanwhile, I had just 4 models unpainted from my Cygnar army, so I wanted to do a quick job to get them on the table to fit in with the other models.

Starting with the bases and metallics, we haveleft to right: a Dynamo Warjack, Caine2 warcaster and Savio Acosta (a solo)..

Savio is an interesting character, he was made into a model for the game after appearing in a novel set in the game's universe:

Caine2 is the second version of the warcaster Allistair Caine, another great character from the game, who leads the army:

Dynamo is a character warjack, it's always fun to put glowing bits everywhere on these models:

The basing was done using Gale Force 9 rocks (plaster) and Vallejo water effects..

Finally I got to work on Stryker 3 an epic cavalary warcaster, his basing is a bit more complex because the sculpt comes with some wall to mount the horse too, which I needed to work into my basing style and also the model's centre of gravity is very far forward, so I tried to build the base up a bit at the back to compensate:
And finished him a couple of days later:

All done with the Cygnar army then, here is a shot of the rest of it from 18 months ago:

More on my new Warmachine related project next week!


  1. A well painted force, always amazes me seeing a group shot like that because it's something I've never had!

    1. I get the same pangs of jealousy. "One day", I tell myself ;)