Sky Pirate WIP 1

This week I've started work on a new model, my first ever bust!

I've been looking forward to getting started on this model for a good while, but also pretty aprehensive about working on a bust, due to the scale difference from my usual models.

I started undercoating in grey, what a fine looking pirate!

I then started working on the flesh, I'd been reading some recent Q&A's with Banshee and I think some of his philosphy had got stuck in my mind somewhere as I was consious of trying to be a bit less cartoony than I sometimes am, a bit more gritty. I was thinking about her being on the cold deck of a ship, maybe after some exertion, so the cheeks are a little flushed... after the first few layers I got to here:

At this point some mad procrastionation hit, so much that I even cleaned my pallet up (normally covered in paint so that I only have a couple of the wells which I can use at any one time).

A few more touches, adding some colour to the lips and bringing the highlights out a bit more and this is where she is now:

I want to take a look at her eyes next and then start moving out to the clothing, get some other colours on there!

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