Rathcore V3 Miniature Holders Kickstarter Unboxing

I spent a large chunk of my work day yesterday wondering what subject to write today's blog on. I didn't fancy a lengthy wordy blog after last week article (which clocked in at over 2600 words when stuck into Word) and I don't have any WIPs worth going through yet. Thankfully a package was waiting for me at home that solved my connundrum -  my Rathcore Miniature Holders had arrived from Germany.

I went for the "all in" pledge, giving me three of the miniature holders, each with different sized metal side thingies to allow for miniatures in 30, 54 and 70mm scales. I also got a nice grip, which is a similar thing but designed to be held fully in the hand. It also has a nice dark varnish on it, while the holders have been left as plain wood. There was a plan for them to be sealed initially, but the first wave weren't sealed by the factory so they were sent out as they were.

The grip, in it's nice little holder.

The grip uses the same corks as the holders, so if you want to swap a miniature from grip to holder, you just swap the corks!

The grip base

To remove the cork, insert an object into the hole and apply pressure upwards.

The three new holders, all with nice detailing around them.

Prior to backing the Kickstarter, I'd already picked up a V2, which I've been using for the last 18 months or so and really like, so I'm excited to try out the new ones. A direct comparrison shows that the holder is much larger than previously, with a larger cork, allowing for a larger surface area to pin minis to. The metal holdy thing that you hold to stop yourself putting your fingers on the top of the mini has also changed out it's little metal ring that keeps it in place and exchanged it for a plastic lock, made from the same material as the skull on top.

To remove the cork, simply press it up through while holding the holder.

Along with the three main holders and the grips, I got a few extras (I can't remember what was a stretch goal freebie and what was in the pledge!)

Replacement corks!

A 4th holder, though without a holdy thing it may just be a stand to hold waiting projects.

These little flower pots are new for the V3 - they're designed to hold miniatures that you have already attached to the base, which was something lacking from the V2. The small one holds 25mm rounds, though it's a really tight fit on GW bases thanks to the bottom being wider than the top. The others are for 30mm bevelled (or the nice warmahordes, malifaux etc style), and it took me a long time to remember what the other was for before having a brainwave and realising it is for the newish 32mm bases that GW puts their "big but not quite worthy of 40mm bases" infantry on now.

The hold is tight enough that gravity is defeated! (Until I dropped him)

A 30mm bevelled base, snugly secured.
Also in the package was a thank you post card (always nice for project creators to say thank you to backers) and stickers!

The sticker collection is growing...

I was one of the first wave of people to back the project which led to me getting a pledge with a January expected delivery date and in a change for a KS project, it's all here in the expected month, so huge respect to the project team for getting it out on time. They've still got two waves to send out in February and March thanks to the success of the project (over 3600 backers) but the product is expected to hit retail this year sometime for those that missed it.

I really enjoy using my V2, it's something I didn't think I'd use when I ordered it initially but it definitely makes a difference when I do use it (a lot of my minis get based first so that isn't always possible) and I'd miss it if I didn't have it, so I'm really looking forward to getting the time to play with the V3 models.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm still waiting for my All In pledge to ship out from Germany, but it's nice to see people are happy with their stuff.