Shamikebab's 2016 Year review and goals for 2017

Somehow Christmas flew by with barely any time for painting. I found an hour or two and started something new (not a big thing, just a small project) It's about time I take a look back at 2016 and the goals I aimed for at the beginning (shameless plug for last year's round-up article)

So I had three goals last year....well it's not gone well lads.

Goal 1 was finish old projects that I'd started but not finished. I'm calling this one half complete. While I didn't go back and finish old projects I did go back and paint a lot of models from my collection rather than continually buying more.

Goal 2 was paint a bust. It's not finished yet but I've made good progress on my first bust (see the latest worklog here) and hope to have that finished in the early part of this year.

Goal 3 was paint a dragon. The kickstarter arrived a lot later in the year (see the unboxing here) so I haven't got round to this one, hopefully in 2017!

So what did I do?

I finished eight projects (I had 2 projects in progress at the end of 2016 so I'm putting one in 2016 and one this year), here they are (ignored the lighting in this photo, hard to get all the projects looking right, the snow base in particular throws it all out!):

As I said I had a couple of WIP projects at the end of the year so the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that I haven't shared photos (or in fact any article for the miniature itself) of my Mymeara Warlock. Check out the other article for better pictures of that one.

Last year was six so I'm definitely happy with my increased output. I'm content with that kind of number, I could probably do one a month if I pushed myself more but I like taking time over things.

I entered three competitions, Salute, Eavier Metal Eadbanger 2 and the Infamy Goblin rider competition. Salute in particular it was nice to see other entries in real life, the standard was exceptional.

So what are my goals for this year?

  • Goal 1 – Paint that dragon! I don't have an airbrush and I doubt I'll get one, so I have no idea how difficult this is going to be.

  • Goal 2 – Paint more busts! I'd like to do at least another bust this year at some point when something catches my eye. Maybe one of Rafa's.

  • Goal 3 – Keep chipping away at my pile of shame. Got so much Rackham I want to paint in particular.

  • Goal 4 – more short projects, maybe more 5 hour space marines to help improve my painting speed.
Back to regular articles from next week. Finished pictures of my Launcelot from Twisted!

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