WW1 Tank officer Pt 1.

Some people may know but for those who don't its the 100th anniversary of the First World War ending next year and I have a few First World War ideas that I would like to do this one being the first which is a smaller test for something. anyway, lets jump right into it.

So the Model is from Stalingrad miniatures and it's the British tank officer. 

So going from some of the pics I was able to find online for the uniform I went for an Olive green rather.

And as I am a huge fan of Khaki highlight I used that for the highlight which also helped as Its a greenish highlight.

Glazed it back and added some browns for the shadow as well as adding some extreme highlights.

For the leather just kept to how I  normally do it.  

For the satchel bag was not sure whether to go with cloth or light leather in the end went with the leather. which rather then stippling like I would do went with brown glazes to keep the light from the primmer.

And from there the leg wraps were done with a gray green work on the face and shoes.

This is it for now, next week I will be showing the base and the Idea I have for it.

As always comments are welcome would be great to hear from you all.

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