On The Desk - Creating a Lava Base Part 2

"Join me next week for the painting" he said two months ago...

Well I've had a bit of an artist's block. This piece in particular has been 95% complete for ages. Time to finally get it done. In case you need to refresh your memory here is the first part where I built the lava base Link

Now on to painting it! Rather than trying to do it all at once I did it section by section as I wasn't really sure how it was going to go. I looked at reference pictures of lava flows to try and get a feel for things, for example this one:

I generally started off lighter with a yellow and worked my way through oranges, red's, reddy browns and black. Very loosely mixing them on the base to try and get the effect I was looking for. The colours I used were:

Warcolours Yellow 3
Warcolours Orange 3
GW Troll Slayer Orange
Reaper Phoenix Red
Reaper Blood Red
Reaper Clotted Red
Warcolours Yellow Fluorescent
Warcolours Orange Fluorescent

I'll let the photos do the talking as there wasn't really much to it beyond playing with the colours and having some fun! In order to keep the intensity I kept introducing the fluorescent colours when things were getting a little muddy. Also adding white and then yellow/orange over the top of it also helped a lot.

After the lava was finished I needed to paint the OSL on the rocks. This was much the same as the lava but in reverse. Glazing reds and oranges onto the areas which would show the light. This really finishes the base off nicely and sells the effect. All that remained was to clean up the plinth with some black and add a miniature...

Finally here it is complete with the Blood Warrior on top! I haven't done any articles for him as he was just a fun project that I started the week after Christmas. I'll do another post with moe pictures of him and some musings about the miniature. 

It's good to be back, hopefully more to come next week!

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