Happy Monk Pt 7.

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The waves are being filled at the moment and with a drying time of 24hrs per layer things on that end are slow and really not that interesting, but there is more to this than some waves.

So with the other items I have been working on this week its the boat and the branch and flowers/blossoms. 

Starting with the boat and some who have been following the build would have an idea of what I have done if you have not you can get an idea from Distressing Wood 

The boat before paint is added.

Here we have the first coat of paint and some oils and white spirit. 

From here I felt that the wood was too red and did not looked aged enough so went at it again with more green oils and more white spirit because this is where I first learnt about the effects of the oils and white spirit on the wood and thought more would help.

As you can see more work with the white spirit and the oils, aged the wood and distressed it perfect for what I was aiming for.

So onto the Branch.

You will have to maybe take my word on some of this, as you may not be able to see the branch to well let alone the colour added.  

So to start with a painted it and then added highlight to the raised area and tried to add shade to the recessed area's but after looking at it, I felt that is looking awful and needed something to make it look like I knew what I was doing. 

 So I used some more oils on the branch to add a little more to it.

So from there its on to the blossoms/flowers and I say blossoms, but I decided to paint them as flowers and I wanted them to be a blue flower so I went about slapping on some blue and having a play.

I did not like the blue tho, and had a rethink as I wanted blue but not that much so I went for a white and blue pansy

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Which turned out like this 

And here is the model as a hole at present.

So there we have it for this week hope you all enjoyed it and would love to hear any feedback on how things are going.

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