Travel upgrade time.

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Have to admit this has nothing to do with getting upgraded to first or anything about how I or you decide the best way, just that I felt I needed to upgrade how I transport my painting things around and at the same time increase the amount I am able to take.

Two years ago I was searching for a way to travel with painting stuff which you can see here well as the years have gone by I have found the things I needed to bring with me have become larger and  heavier so the need to upgrade was at hand.

What I have come across this time is a Makeup artist travel case.

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These are not the type I went for but you get the idea.

So for this I am going to show you what I got and then try to put what I last took with me and try to add more to it and see how things go.

So here we have the hole thing.

The top section.

The first of the middle sections. 

The second of the middle section the dividers come out if needed.

And the large bottom.

All the parts.

So time to find out it works out my bag was still full from my last trip out. 

This is everything I took.

And I wanted to add my dremel, Airbrush, more paints and tools and miliput.

So I thought the top part would be for my tools and brushes.

The middle section for paints I know you are not able to see very well, but there is a lot more room for more. 

The other middle.

The bottom section I know you are not able to see but there is Dremel, inks, 5 scale 75 paint sets and my camera (case but to have the idea)

All in all I am very happy with it and the only thing I could say is a down side and that is the lining of the case it's a velvet which is not really going to stay as nice over time.

So what you all think and what do you guys use. 

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