Showcase - Blood Warrior of Khorne

Here are some more photos of the Blood Warrior that I painted the Lava base for. For Christmas one of my non hobby friends bought me the Easy To Build: Blood Warriors starter sets. it's a few of the snap fit models from the Age of Sigmar box set. They're nice sculpts and in the week after Christmas I decided to paint one of them. I wanted to stray away from the standard Bronze and Red because it's overdone. I was browsing through the Khorne Bloodbound Battletome and came across the Murderfist Tribe (where do GW come up with these names...) that are described as having "armour of black and bone" I decided to run with this scheme.

For the axe I wanted to look like the metal was red hot, like shots you see of metal being worked in a forge (it also ties in nicely with the base) I went with NMM for metalwork because it felt like it suited the model. It was a fun model to paint, the GW plastics really are the best in the business (shame about their resin ones...)

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