Happy Monk Pt 6

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I understand this is late and for the people who have been waiting to see it I am sorry.
But the wait if over to see how it works out.

So it turned out very well and I am super happy with it there is a lot more to do, but as it is at this point I am still extremely happy. To get to the point that is on the picture below, there was a lot of work with picking the plaster and silicon from the resin mostly in the breaking waves.

As you can see with the edges of the resin with the rock there are gaps there is also some major issues around the sides which you can see below.

So as you can see that needs to get filled.... But before I am able to do that I have to make sure everything is set in place and glued down and any colour added to the underside of the resin. 

So you are able to see how it looks on a black back group. And here is how it looks on white.

So there is some scope to play with colour and you can see some of the white through the water as it is more transparent than the rest of it. So I had a play around with the colour.

As you can see the red is not a good Idea. 

And with a similar colour to the waves.

So with the idea sort of work out from there moved on to how I might be able to add some foam and maybe fill the edges of the on waves I came up with the idea to use an epoxy adhesive that is transparent and adding colour to it and hopefully being able to use it to. But not with out tests.  

The Glues that I picked up for the tests.

So with this test I was not working too much with trying to get it perfect for using right now more about how it looked dryed and also if the colour is changed when it dries.  

The mixes.

Some of the Glues had very fast drying times which made them not the best the others which had longer drying time I added it to some wood spur to test it.

Unfortunately, these as well did not work out they took far too long to dry and when they did the time to be able to work with it was far too short.  

So with all of this a failure I went back to heaving gloss gel and had a go with that. 
Which looks to be the way forward.

So with that sorted out it was time to get the waves ready for more resin. I added white to the rocks and coloured the base. 

Then added the acetate sheets around the outside.

This is as far as it is for now would love to hear feedback on how it looks

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