Unboxing Mountain Orc Army Banner Bearer by Shieldwolf Miniatures

 As you may have seen in yesterday's announcement, this week is a Shieldwolf Miniatures takeover week here at Noobs and their Paintbrush. Shieldwolf were kind enough to send us a few of their miniatures to review ahead of their upcoming second kickstarter. I missed out on the first kickstarter myself so I was unfamiliar with their range of miniatures. Looking at their website they do a wide variety of 'classical' fantasy miniatures, with Orcs, Goblins and Ogres all making an appearance alongside Humans. While these could be used to replace miniatures in other popular tabletop games they are designed for their own ruleset 'Shieldwolf: War is coming'

The miniatures themselves are 28mm heroic scale and are mostly resin with some plastic troop boxsets (more of which will be coming in the second kickstarter) I would say glancing at the range that the miniatures are a slightly more 'realistic' style of fantasy, I was getting a Mierce Miniatures vibe from some of the models which I'm a huge fan of!

As I mentioned Merkeysa, Brambleten and myself will each be review a miniature this week from their existing range. I asked for mine to be a surprise so it was with delight that I opened the package and found an Orc staring at me! Everyone loves Orcs, whether you play them or not their have been some very memorable Orc sculpts over many ranges. This guy is a Mountain Orc Army Banner Bearer in resin and as you can see below he comes in a standard blister with a painted version on the front from a couple of angles.

Here we can see the separate components laid out. There are no instructions but it's very clear which component goes where and how. It's a simple kit to put together.

Looking at the bits in more detail, the body is almost all one piece (with one foot separate and a hand attached to the banner pole)

One of the first thing that catches your eye is the huge banner made up of stitched together pelts. Lot of opportunities here for painting!

The banner pole itself features a snake skin winding it's way round the pole, the head biting the pole.

The other small bits include the Orc's weapon (a vicious looking bone strapped to his arm) A spiky shoulderpad, a knife for his belt, the foot mentioned before and an extra bit for the banner pelt.

No assembled shot because I think several parts would benefit from painting before assembly but you can see what he looks like in the top photo. A really nice miniature, lot's of detail in the sculpt. Many different textures make him a good project for painters as well. All the pictures are without any kind of filing or preparation so as you can see the flash is really minimal! I'll probably pin the banner arm to give it some extra strength.

The kickstarter is due to launch today so keep an eye out for that (an announcement article will be on this site) and check out the rest of their range at http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/ Look out later in the week for Merkeysa and Brambleten's reviews!

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