War Hog WIP Part 2

Let's check back in and see how my little pig is coming on with 3 weeks left until Smogcon 2016!

First I wanted to take a little step back and get some work done on the base. Previously I had built up the volume with Milliput and was happy with that, but it didn't have much texture and was all too uniform. So the first step was to fix that. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before undercoating, but I used a huge variety of things on the base, the roots are mostly wires from a wire brush. There is also soil/bits of crushed up rock and bark on there as well as modelling sand.

I then undercoated in black and grey to give myself a start on the contrast..

Monochrome Basing!
From this I glazed in a few colours, I really enjoy this step, I find it very freeing to just play with colour and experiment. In this case I'm planning on putting some muddy water on the bottom left area. So I wanted to set the tone for that and since the pig is mostly warm/browns/reds, I wanted the main colour on the base to be greens to contrast with the model. I also glazed in a bit of variation for fun, including purples.

When I base, I always use protection!

You may have noticed I've got some paper around the outside of the base, in the past I've struggled to get the finish as good as i'd want on the outside of bases like this, so once I had something I was happy with I wanted to protect it. Unfortunately my grey priming early on had somewhat ruined it, so i'll need to repaint the black outside anyway. I carry on with drybrushing layers and also some little highlights..

Subtle but it's getting there

For now I think that'll do me, I'll come back to it and of course still need to do the resin water, but for now it's back to the pig!

I carry on blending the NMM and add a couple of glazes to the skin..

Pipey pig!

I'm really focussed on trying to get much of the metals sorted out at this stage, so I can get on and focus on the detail and textures, especially the skin. 
Progress Pig picks up the pace!

 Overall I'm happy with how things are going I think, though I still feel like I have a lot to do until things are where I want them to be. 3 weeks left!

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